Artist Massimo Contran gave life to the Fonderie brand after completing a collection of works that garnered recognized awards.

Fonderie's mission is to share the artistic genius with the public, infused with a flair for the streetwear style, offering high-quality fashion products. This is achieved by marrying the noble causes of environmental sustainability, with a unique design crafted by the artist's own hands.

We wish you a "Bon voyage" as you embark on a journey to discover the passion for artistic currents of Abstraction and Hyperrealism, exploring the meanings behind the works achieved through the utilization of the fifteenth-century glazing technique and chiaroscuro. Delve into the psychological dimensions embedded within the prints themselves.

Padova from May 13th to May 21st, 2023.

Participation in the "2023 Trade Fair"

The participation of Massimo Contran with a dedicated booth for Fonderie C345 at the "Fiera Campionaria 2023" Trade Fair from May 13th to May 21st, 2023, was crucial. The feedback from the audience allowed the brand to establish itself in the BtoB sector and enabled the public to get acquainted with the artistic genius of Massimo Contran, who is the creative force behind the prints on his products and his paintings.

The audience appreciated the excellent quality of the products, the softness of the 100% organic cotton fabric, and the crucial aspect of environmental sustainability chosen by the manufacturer, who uses recycled polyester. The psychological aspect underlying each painting produced by the artist was well-received by audiences of different age groups who became intrigued by the symbolism of the "yellow bin," which was likened to the Pandora's Box, or the gears captured by the artist in a photo of the interior of the Eiffel Tower and then reproduced on a canvas.

Last but not least, the artist's attention to Streetwear led to a significant volume of sales for oversized T-shirts, hoodies, and highly appreciated Urban caps.


What they say about us?

I had the pleasure of meeting the artist Massimo Contran during my visit to the Padova fair this year, and I was pleasantly impressed by his works! I love the city of Paris, and finding out that the print on the t-shirt reproduced the interior of the Eiffel Tower made me fall in love with his products.

Marco D. Vicenza

Fonderie C345 is a brand that I was not familiar with... I was struck by the unique design handcrafted by Massimo, a simple and humble person... yet with a truly elevated artistic profile. I had the opportunity to see the paintings with his explanations, and he described to me the technique with which he created them. Truly 5 stars for competence and professionalism.

Elena F. Roma

I am very passionate about unique prints and distinctive designs... well, certainly, Fonderie is a brand that is not often found around. Getting to know Massimo has helped me understand the true connection between fashion, art, and streetwear. I own several pieces of his style, and I will definitely purchase more in the future.

Luca B. Padova

Completely eco-sustainable shirt, the products are made of 100% organic cotton, recycled polyester, and the ink is water-based. As an eco-conscious enthusiast, I had to rely on Massimo's expertise; I strongly recommend making a purchase to align with environmental conservation.

Federica C. Brescia

Art is what struck me the most about this brand. The passion for painting is evident in Massimo's artworks, which he then reproduces on hoodies, t-shirts, and caps... the shirts are absolutely personalized, and Fonderie is truly a wonderful brand. Highly recommended!

Carlo G. Roma

Highly recommended! I've purchased several hoodies for myself and my wife, and it's worth mentioning that the quality is excellent: the cotton is organic, and all the materials are eco-friendly and recycled... the price is slightly higher, but it's definitely worth it!

Luca V. Roma

Massimo's paintings are enchanting, and the products are truly of high quality. He is a great professional with a genuinely impressive artistic background! I will definitely buy again.

Angela B. Monopoli

The combination of fashion, art, and design for such a niche activity is truly remarkable. I wasn't familiar with Fonderie C345 before, and now I definitely feel like I need to visit the Eiffel Tower.

Giovanna P. Padova

Massimo's limited edition was truly unique, and I was captivated by the products displayed at the trade fair in Padua. The techniques used for the prints on the shirts reminded me of street style and urban style. Massimo is a legend!

Giuseppe B. Padova

Having a conversation with Massimo was a unique experience. He is a knowledgeable and well-prepared individual in his field. Many entrepreneurs could take inspiration from him! Congratulations to the artist for his works!

Marco A. Padova

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