Fonderie aims to be close to nature, implementing choices that are as eco-sustainable as possible. In close collaboration with suppliers, it evaluates the best production and procurement solutions from time to time, always ensuring the protection and respect of the environment.

The products are made from certified organic cotton and recycled polyester (for warm winter sweatshirts and accessories), providing a pleasant sensation of freshness when worn and excellent printing performance. Printing techniques are adopted in full compliance with current regulations for the protection of health and the environment.

  • Organic 100%

Eco-sustainable production

Producing a product from certified organic cotton (verified by independent third-party mechanisms) means ensuring high standards of raw material quality, avoiding blending with other minor fibers, adhering to organic production systems for soil fertilization, eliminating toxic and persistent pesticides in the cotton, as well as CO2 emissions into the air.

Therefore, this signifies respect not only for the environment but also for those who wear it!

Producers/distributors consistently commit to monitoring the production chain and selecting suppliers in line with these principles of eco-sustainability. Certified organic cotton also signifies a greater commitment to human dignity by ensuring an appropriate level of wages for employees working within the production chain.

To avoid increasing plastic production and its resulting emissions, winter sweatshirts contain a percentage of recycled polyester, derived from the reuse of normal plastics already used for other purposes (e.g., plastic bottles, packaging for food and non-food products, etc.). Even for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing on fabric, eco-friendly inks and products are used, along with sustainable packaging.