• About us

    About us

    “Fonderie” is a new brand born in Padua, in 2022, from the creative concepts of its founder. As a lover of pictorial art and industrial archeology, it has started to develop customized ideas in the realization of fabrics and clothing such as t-shirts, hoodies, accessories that incorporate exclusive printing of artistic subjects, shapes or simply colour. So, in a creative way, the brand mixes the urban style with the industrial one, developing unique images that recall industrial and street elements, quiet but always present lifelong companions for all of us.

    So, this new brand “Fonderie C345” is born, a modern casual identity with ideas, art and innovative style.

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Fonderie’s commitment concerns the production of high quality, exclusive and iconic items, able to draw people’s attention in the perspective of art as passion and freedom to wear.

    Creating unicity and concepts, mixing colours, combing industrial and natural looking are some of the purposes in the production of the high quality organic cotton garments with environmentally friendly printing and ink.

  • Eco-sustainability


    Fonderie is fully committed to make choices as environmentally friendly as possible. In a very close collaboration with the suppliers, on a case-by-case basis, the best solutions of production and purchase are analysed, ensuring the protection and the respect for the environment.

    The products are entirely manufactured in natural certified cotton and recycled polyester (warm hoodies and accessories), for a pleasant feeling of freshness in wearing them and for an excellent printing output. Printing techniques, in full compliance with current legislation for the protection of the environment and health, are adopted.

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